Kiss and Ride at The Hamilton Loft

song written by Carly Harvey

Dave Gorozdos -Keys, Vic Chase - Drums, Russ Rodgers -Bass and Jose Ramirez-Guitar.

[Washington, DC]

Kiss & ride at The Hamilton Loft

Bill Pappas on guitar, Vic Chase on Drums, Neel Sing on Bass [Washington, DC]

 Art Soiree's Living Room Live Music Series at The Ritz-Carlton.

[Washington, DC]

JOJO Restaurant and Bar with Lil' Joe Burton of the Atlanta Horns on Trombone, Sol Roots on Guitar, Andreas Holmstrom on Bass and Vic Chase on drums.

[Washington, DC]

A Tribute to B.B. King

Carly Harvey at the Howard Theater

[Washington, DC]

Carly Harvey performs as a special guest with Ashleigh Chevalier at The Tin Pan
Ron Holloway- Sax
Ashleigh Chevalier- backing vocals  
Mike Tony Echols- bass

[Richmond, VA]

Carly's Home concert Series

Leonard Cohen Tribute


[Washington, DC]

Carly's Home Concert Series

Valentine's Day 2014

[Washington, DC]

2017 Levine Music Gala

Arena Stage

[Washington, DC]

Two Beautiful Versions of Original Music written by

Carly and Taste of Dream

[Sardenia, Italy]

Music Videos

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